Facial Antioxidant Mist - Rosa Damascena Flower


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Editor's note | A spritz of this refreshing facial mist before applying make-up or during a hot summer's day leaves our skin feeling refreshed and revived.

A pure, soothing and hydrating water, rich in antioxidants that strengthen skill cells as well as firm and tone. Instantly leaves skin feeling refreshed while dissolving residual dirt and oil from pores. Organic Rose Water is fantastic for keeping acne-prone skin clean throughout the day due to its antibacterial properties.  

Ingredients: 100% Bulgarian Rose Water (Rosa Damascena Flower Water)

Certifications: Organic, Vegan

Quantity: 100ml

Scent: Fragrant of Roses 

I am:

✓ Hydrating

✓ pH Balancing

✓ Anti-inflammatory

✓ Anti-bacterial

✓ Soothing

✓ Toning

Origin: Our Bulgarian roses are grown in their natural habitat of Bulgaria and distilled using only the freshest petals. No added waters or preservatives are used in the making of our water.

Spray as many pumps as desired onto clean skin. Suitable for daily usage, mornings and evenings.

For best results apply after showering. Your shower acts as a steamer and opens the skin's pores, allowing for a more effective absorption. Mists are also fantastic throughout the day for instant refreshment. 

After cleansing, our Antioxidant Facial Mist can also act as a toner in a 3-step program before any face oil or moisturiser. 

Suitable for all skin types.

MERME Quality Promise: MERME has left the water as it should be - naturally a tiny bit cloudy and fragrant of roses in smell - there are no added waters, fragrances chemicals  or preservatives. All MERME ingredients are EU organic certified by trusted suppliers.

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