Deep Clean Facial Mask - Organic Superfine Green French Clay


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Editor's note | Sometimes you just have to put on a face mask to pretend your life is back in order. And this one will even leave your skin feeling detoxed and refreshed.  

A gentle, organically derived clay in its purest form to brighten and refine the skin. Rich in natural minerals, clay will draw out the skins’ toxins leaving pores clear and their appearance minimised.

Ingredients: 100% Organic Superfine Green French Clay

Quantity: 80g

Certifications: COSMOS, ECO Certified, Vegan

Scent: Virtually Odourless

Assists with:

✓ Deep Congestion

✓ Pore refinement

✓ Evening skin tone

✓ Skin allergies (acne, eczema, hives)

Origin: Extracted from the infamous Argile du Velay region in France, known for the purest deposits of the earths’ natural green clay.

Apply one teaspoon with water to form a paste and distribute evenly onto the face or affected areas. With a brush works best. Wait until the mask starts to dry then wash off with water.

Suitable for all skin types. Avoid contact with eyes.

MERME Quality Promise: MERME has left the oil as it should be - naturally yellow in colour with a neutral smell - there are no added fragrances or preservatives. All MERME ingredients are EU and ECO Certified by trusted suppliers.

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